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Reiki is Right for Your Workplace

Work place stress is a common affliction among Americans. Between piling tasks and almost constant interruptions, that overwhelming feeling of “How did I get this far behind?” starts to take its toll on employees health and mental well being. A positive workplace starts with the mental state of its employees. Our mentality and our emotions have a great effect on our productivity at work. When we feel appreciated, accomplished and have a positive state of mind we are able to have better time management, increased ability to multitask, and the ability work well with others.

The bottom line for all employers is they want immediate, tangible results. While workplace culture takes time to change, many employers are looking to Reiki to help make that difference.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a “hands-on” healing modality that channels energy to oneself or to a client to relieve energy blockages and imbalances to support healing and well-being. A typical Reiki session is 30-60 minutes long. Clients remain entirely clothed while the Reiki practitioner places their hands on or near the body, allowing the Reiki energy to flow. The experience is relaxing, comforting and healing for those who receive it. Reiki is not a religion, however it is a holistic therapy. It offers a very peaceful and relaxing experience that complements other medical care and health practices.

What Can “Enlightening The Soul” Do For Your Business and Employees?

Many executives are leaning towards using Reiki in the workplace because of all the added benefits Reiki places upon the individual. With Enlightening The Soul, we take special interest in the corporate environment while acknowledging that stress is the number one cause of employee unhappiness, aging and frustration.

Each of our Reiki sessions is tailored to the client making sure we meet each individual's needs. Employees benefit from the Reiki sessions as each session can improve concentration, relieve stress and tension, relieve physical and mental fatigue, increase energy, improve a positive outlook, and create calm and peaceful feelings. After a session an employer can expect to see an increase in attendance, improvements in productivity, less stress and tension among employees, and providing these services shows a commitment to employees and their well being.

Enlightening the Soul is available to offer private Reiki sessions to your employees at a discounted rate. Whether you are considering having sessions done conveniently at your job site or done in the comfort of my space, we can work together to coordinate times and days that will suit your needs.