To help you connect more with spirit and RELEASE repressed emotions, anxiety, fears, and develop more your intuition. I am offering this 7 day Angelic Soul Healing for only $165 which includes 1 on 1 private session + the 7 day remote healing or If you are not interested on the 1 on 1 private session, It's available for $110 for the 7 day remote healing.

Take advantage of this great package deals! You never know when you will need just a little guidance or a boost of energy. These 7 day angel soul healing therapy sessions, we will be working with Jesus and angels, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and any other ascended masters that want to join us during these healing sessions. You will receive remote healing straight for 7 days along with messages and notes from your healing. During these 7 days healing sessions we will be cutting the cords that may be holding you back, not letting you move forward with your life. We will also include a combination of Reiki to work in clearing and balancing your chakras, removing any negativity that may be draining your energy making you feel tired, weak, or keeping you stuck in your life, and releasing what no longer serves you. Each day for 7 days, I will do remote healing and send you an email with notes, messages from your guides and with positive

7 days angelic soul remote healing

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