This kit is designed to bring peace and positivity into your life by clearing your space. It will help you spiritually cleanse and protect your space. You can smudge your home, space, yourself, or loved ones.


This kit has everything you need to clear your space from negative energy. All kits have been cleansed before shipping so it will arrive to you positively charged. The Stone included has been charged with Reiki and under a full moon.


6 Piece Kit Includes:


  • 1- 7 Chakra Sage - White Sage with 7 Color Rose Petals 4”. A colorful smudge stick lined by 7 color rose petals. The rose petals bring in a positive loving energy to your space.

  • 1 Bottle of Golden Aura Mist (This magical clearing blend is great spray for clearing and bringing tranquility)

  • 1 Plain Stainless Steel Tongs 

  • 1 Small bottle of Golden Copal Resin

  • 1 Roll of COCONUT CHARCOAL (10 Tablets per roll). Incense Burning Charcoal

  • 1 BLack Tourmaline Stone, 925 Silver Plated Bezel Pendant 

Smudge Kit for Clearing & Healing




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