****This package is for 2 sessions****


Hypo-Reiki integrates two powerful healing therapies "Reiki" and "Hypnosis." Reiki pronounced as (Ray-Key) means "Universal life energy" and the combination of the two treatments has proved to be effective in producing healing in all aspects of one's being including; emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.

In this type of treatment, the use of focused concentration helps to create a state of relaxation or consciousness when the patient is oblivious of the kind of surrounding. It relieves pain & anxiety and makes the patient get relaxed.

It originated in Japan and was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan at the end of 19th century. It uses the idea of the universal life force energy that flows through the physician's body to his hands and then transferred to the patients' hands. This treatment enhances the body's natural healing due to the continuous flow and focus of energy via the natural energy centers. 
Offering a Reiki treatment during a state of hypnosis is significant in clearing previous issues and energies.

In addition to that, I tap into source with a deep connection to God/Universe offering guidance to find the answers within yourselves and provide you with tools and knowledge necessary to heal and assist you in your journey and development with source. My healing “toolbox” also includes, Intuitive guidance, remote viewing, energy blockage removals.

***This session could be done via Skype or Phone***

Hypno-Reiki Guidance Session In person or Long Distance




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