These candles are Reiki charged to use during meditation or to use if you are working on any particular chakra or to envoke a sensual experience aligned with the energy that resonates through each chakra. Each candle is charged with reiki and healing affirmations to balance the energy of the chakra. Size of each candle is 2.5” x 1". These sets are 100% soy blend tart wax, infuses any room with blissful scents of pure essential oil blends.These candle melts have a wick, burning time of approx. 6 hours. Once finished burning you will have plenty of wax left and that could be used in any approved wax warmer. You can cut these in pieces and enjoy at a later time in your electric warmer and have a blissful scent without the danger of fire.***This set comes with instructions on how to use the candles and meditation exercises for each chakra***

Reiki charged chakra candle set




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