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The inner child, in psychology, refers to the child that you once were before you became a perfectly formed adult. The inner child is a psychotherapeutic concept that is utilized by many therapists as a tool to assist clients. After years of research, it is becoming more and more evident to therapists, hypnotherapists, and healers that the inner child is more influential over our lives and the choices that we make than previously assumed.

The inner child, although living in the subconscious mind, is very much part of our consciousness. It is the part that holds all our regrets, trauma, hurts, disappointments, anger, sadness and most of the negative feelings that we hold on to.

Even people that have led good lives without trauma are also influenced by their inner child as a result of inescapable and inevitable hurt or disappointments. Often, our past experiences manifest themselves in our current lives and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

That feeling of anger or depression, your fears with food and negative relationships are all brought about by your inner child that has not yet healed. When you go through these moments of self-doubt or hate, it is your inner child notifying you that something needs fixing.

To undo the upsets from our pasts, we, therefore, have to learn how to connect with our inner child. By connecting and healing your inner child, you can then start to feel free and released from all the things that seem to disable you.

Fortunately, connecting with your inner child is possible by owning and accepting your inner child’s experiences and by honoring any feelings that you may still be carrying around. The process is not easy, and it is one of grief, but it is well worth it to change the way you respond to challenges, the way you make choices, and the way that you live your life.