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Nurturing & Re-parenting your inner child

A lot of individuals do not treat themselves well. They mistreat themselves when they eat unhealthy food, they do not sleep properly, and many are often too critical of themselves. If you want to change these destructive patterns, you should start by developing an inner nurturing parent that can guide your inner child.

If you were in charge of your inner child, wouldn’t you do everything that you can to keep that child safe and happy? Wouldn’t you also try and forgive past mistakes and inevitable slip-ups, as well as make every effort to make sure that the inner child is protected from harm?

You should learn how to treat your inner child just as you would treat any living child. The good news is that regardless of the challenges that you have experienced as a child, it is still entirely possible to heal and repair the damage that the inner child has endured.

Re-parenting your inner child

The process of re-parenting your inner child starts with recognizing the three main aspects that make you human. These are:

  • You, as an adult and individual

  • You, as a child

  • You, as a parent

The adult and individual part of you is who you are now. The inner child refers to the childhood stage of your life which is where the individual was wronged. On the other hand, the parent refers to that part of you that wants to fix the child and that part of you that is looking to give the child the treatment you should have been given in the first place.

In this regard, the process of re-parenting simply consists of going back to your childhood state where you were wronged, with the purpose of making peace and accepting all the negative and positive occurrences of that time. The point is to fulfill the needs of the child that were required at that time through self-counseling or through guided therapy.