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Happiness can be found by Appreciating your Inner Child

Let’s face it; everything was a lot easier to deal with when you were younger. It was a much simpler time characterized by laughter and happiness. There was no fear of self-hate, no stress regarding that next paycheck, and there was certainly less time spent debating on whether or not you should buy that next outfit that you clearly cannot afford.

Eventually, though, we all have to grow up. Old age brings along independence, responsibility, and purpose. Although there are perks to being an adult, adulthood certainly also has its challenges. As adults, stress, and responsibilities take over and often, it causes us to forget to set time aside for laughter and connecting with the inner child.

As a result, we walk around with heavy hearts and in a constant state of unhappiness. Depending on who you ask, there are many different ways for attaining happiness. However, one of the best ways to guarantee happiness is by finding and appreciating your inner child.

Finding happiness through your inner child

Finding your inner child may sound like a new age or hippie phenomenon, but it is actually a technique that is used regularly by psychologists to help patients find their lost happiness and sense of purpose. The process of finding your inner child consists of taking a step back from all your emotions so that you can start to see your life in a greater context. Your inner child is that part of you that wants to play and be happy. However, it is also that part of you that holds all your disappointments, heartache and pain.

No one gets through their childhood without experiencing some degree of pain or disappointment in one way or another. Most people are in denial about their wounds, and because they refuse to deal with wounds from their past, these wounds often have a way of unconsciously ruling the way we live and the choices that we make.

When we start to appreciate everything that our inner child has been through, that is the only time that we can find the emotional freedom to make better choices. Human beings love themselves only in as far as they are willing to accept their inner child. Therefore, once you ignore your inner child, you cannot fully be yourself, which automatically translates to a constant state of unhappiness.

Happiness is fundamental and unique, and rather than overcomplicating it, the happiness that you are looking for is right in front of you. All you need to do is open up and appreciate your inner child by tapping into what you already know.