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Make a Habit of talking to your Inner Child

Make a Habit of talking to your Inner Child

It is never a bad idea to talk to your inner child. As a matter of fact, most unhappy individuals would be so much happier if they took the opportunity to connect and talk to their inner child. Giving your inner child a voice has been proven to be highly effective because the past, present and the future are not separate entities. Rather, everything that has ever happened to you in the past is intricately connected to your present and future.

Making a habit of talking to your inner child can, therefore, help to reveal traumas and joys that you did not even know about. The inner child has a lot of wisdom to offer but most individuals sadly muffle the voice of their inner child so that it remains silent. The end result is typically a sad existence of unresolved emotions and unaddressed feelings.

Opening up a conversation between you and your inner child can be the best things that you can do if you are looking to make a serious change. Many individuals often wonder who they are and why they are here. If you are like one of these people and want to find out, the easiest way to do it is by talking to your inner child.

Importance of talking to your inner child

The idea of talking to your inner child should not be confused with new age mumbo-jumbo. In actual fact, you as the individual that you are today are a sum total and a continuation of that child you were. He or she is still alive and well inside you impacting your behavior and your decision making whether you realize it or not.

That inner child has a lot to share with you about how you live your life now, as well as what needs to change in order for you to start being happy. By talking to your inner child, you will be doing the ever important job of validating the needs, past experiences, perspectives, and wisdom of the little girl or boy you once were.

That little boy or girl may have endured a brutal existence where he or she was powerless to change it. Rather than silence that child because the pain might still be real and too raw, even after years and years, talking to your inner child can help to spark a transformation. That child might not have been able to change things then but if you listen closely to that child now, you can start to create what you needed then today




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