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The power of remote healing

Power of remote healing

Do you believe that even at a distance, you could be healed? If you do, you are among the many people who positively experienced distance healing. The healer could be in the next room, in another city or across long distances of land and sea. This practice is not anything new for centuries; the Far East has been practicing distance healing.

Distance healing is any type of curative energy "sent" across time and space from a healer and received with healing effect by the recipient. In this form of healing, there is no need for the physical presence of the patient to receive the healing. The activity can be done over the phone or at a given time agreed upon between you and the practitioner.

How does distance healing work?

Sending energies to the person that the healer wants to help is considered one of the most common forms of distance healing.

Distance healing can be based on an idea in quantum physics called “entanglement,” that takes place when one source of energy entangles with another source as they interfere with each other. When two individual energies become enmeshed or entangled, one of them will comply with the energy of the other. When one of the two individuals is a healer whose cells vibrations are at a higher level, the cells with the lower level will follow the higher level.

According to the Distance Hearing of Reiki, explanation of this healing technique is based on the free and uninterrupted energy flow principle that helps to activate the process of natural healing in the body of each patient and to restore well- being of the physical as well as emotional.

Another modality would include spirit guides to do the actual extra physical work. Just think of the person you want to help to trigger extra physical actions using your own helpers or the helpers of the person that needs assistance.

3 phases of distance healing:

Phase 1: The first phase involves the activities and intentions of the “healer”, where the individual puts himself into a type of meditative state. In this state, the boundaries between the Egoic mind and the world blurs. This state has been very well researched and there are measureable physiological changes involved.

Phase 2: This is the “non-local” phase in which distant healing takes place. It is called non-local because in distant healing the healing effects are not bound to space. This means that the effects do not diminish with distance, so it does not matter how far the healer and the “healee” are separated by space.

Phase 3: This is the effect the healing has on the “healee”. Depending on the intentions and skills of the “healer”, the positive effects can be far reaching and range from healing of emotional issues to measurable physiological changes (Improvement of immune and cardiovascular function, etc.).

Benefits of distance healing

  • Powerful form has been proven to heal the mind, body, and spirit

  • No need to travel or leave one’s home

  • Option of a distance healer from anywhere in the world

  • Healing can take place anytime, anywhere

  • An ideal alternative for people who cannot tolerate or are sensitive to being touched

  • Enjoy a strong element of privacy.

  • Its effectiveness in treating ‘invisible’ or inexplicable illnesses/imbalances has been proven.

Energy is ever flowing and has no restricted by time or space, therefore, any individual can benefit from distant healing.

For more information: www.enlighteningthesoul.net